State of California Franchise Tax Board vs. Aimee L Kurtz as Administrator of the Estate of Kelly K Solano Deceased

Case No.: 34-2008-00017440-CU-MC-GDS    


To request oral argument on this matter, you must call the Court at (916) 874-8240 (Department 45) by 4:00 p.m., the court day before this hearing and advise opposing counsel. IF AN APPEARANCE IS REQUESTED, ALL APPEARANCES WILL BE HELD ON JANUARY 22, 2009. If no call is made, the tentative ruling becomes the order of the court. Local Rule 3.04.

No appearance is required under the following conditions:

The Civil Trial Assignment - Short Cause - Civil Trial Assignment is scheduled for 03/20/2009 at 08:30 AM in Department 47.

Absent a request to appear and be heard for any matter on the Case Management Calendar, all tentative rulings shall become the final ruling of the court. The tentative ruling, or such other ruling as the court may render, will not become the final ruling of the court until the hearing. Unless otherwise ordered, the plaintiff shall give actual written notice of all final rulings of the court.