Cheryl Lloyd vs. Gary Curry

Proposed intervenor AIG Financial Advisors, Inc's motion to intervene as a party plaintiff is GRANTED. Intervenor's complaint in intervention shall be filed upon presentment to the clerk and payment of the requisite filing fee.

The court finds that intervenor is entitled to intervene under both the mandatory and permissive intervention provisions of CCP 387. Under CCP 387(b), intervention is mandatory where (1) the intervenor's interests relate to the property or transaction that is the subject of the litigation, (2) the intervenor's interest in the property may, as a practical matter, be impaired or impeded by the disposition of the case, (3) intervenor's interests are not adequately represented by the existing parties and (4) intervention is timely.

Intervenor alleges that it entered into an agreement with Sunamerica Securities Inc. ("SAS") under which it purchased the assets of and assumed the liabilities of SAS. As a consequence of this agreement, ........