Superior Court of California

County of Los Angeles – Central District

Department 53

ernest calhoon ; Plaintiff, vs. mia mejia , et al., Defendants.

Case No.: 30-2015-00790365

Hearing Date: January 21, 2020

Time: 8:30 a.m.

[Tentative] Order RE:

motion to set aside void judgment

MOVING PARTY: Plaintiff Ernest Calhoon

RESPONDING PARTY: Defendants County of Orange, Michael Wagner, and Ryan Gish

Motion to Set Aside Void Judgment

The court considered the moving, opposition, and reply papers. Defendants Mia Mejia, Lon Hurwitz, and Donald Gaffney filed a notice of joinder in opposition to the motion.


On May 22, 2015, plaintiff Ernest Calhoon (“Calhoon”) filed this action in Orange County Superior Court against defendants Mia Mejia, Michael Wagner, County of Orange, and Orange County S........