Rodriguez vs. Marugame Udon USA LLC

Defendant Marugame Udon USA LLC's Motion to Stay Action Defendant Marugame Udon USA LLC’s motion to stay is GRANTED. This case will be stayed pending the resolution of Linden v. Marugame Udon USA LLC, LASC No. 20STCV00728.
At the hearing, the parties should be prepared to discuss how this case, Linden and Turner v. Marugame Udon USA LLC, No. 20-1148544, will proceed. I.
Factual Background Plaintiff filed the present wage-and-hour class action on January 30, 2020. (ROA 2.) Roughly three weeks earlier, on January 8, 2020, Linden was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court. (Skibbe Decl. (ROA 30), Ex. A.) The operative FAC in this action (ROA 8) and the operative FAC in Linden (Furuta Decl. (ROA 47), Ex. A) contain substantially identical allegations. From the Court’s review of the two cases, the only non-overlapping allegations are (1) this case alleges unreimbursed business expenses, while Linden does not, and (2) Linden alleges a PAGA claim, while this case does ........