Davis vs. Fidelity National Title Company

Case No.: 30-2020-01124755    

(1) Motion - Other (2) Demurrer to First Amended Complaint (FAC) (3) Motion to Strike (4) Demurrer to First Amended Complaint (FAC) (5) Motion to Strike
Tentative Ruling: (1) Defendant Fidelity National Title Insurance Company’s Motion for an order: (1) determining plaintiff Jamie Davis (aka Jaimie Davis) is no longer entitled to a fee waiver in this lawsuit; (2) plaintiff must repay any court fees that she was not required to pay as a result of fee waiver; and (3) issuing sanctions and/or any other appropriate relief to preclude plaintiff from abusing the judicial process [and joinder by Defendant First American Title Company] is DENIED.
Government Code sections 68630–68641 govern the process by which an indigent person may gain access to the courts by applying for and obtaining a waiver of court fees and costs. Nothing in this statutory scheme allows for a “motion for order determining if a party is entitled to a fee waiver.”
The Court, however, will set a ........