Edwards Lifesciences LLC vs. Regional Water Quality Control Board-Santa Ana Region

Case No.: 30-2019-01083704     Track Rulings In Case

1) Petitioners' Motion and Memorandum to Exclude Four Supplemental Administrative Record Documents, or in the Alternative, Request for Limited 1/2 Day Deposition of Nick Amini of Regional Board and Request for Record Subpoena 2) Status Conference MOTION TO EXCLUDE DOCUMENTS
Petitioners Edwards Lifesciences LLC and Baxter International, Inc. move to exclude documents from the administrative record. In the alternative, they move for (1) an order permitting the limited deposition of Nick Amini, an employee of Respondent Regional Water Quality Control Board, Santa Ana Region (“Regional Board”), and (2) the issuance of a records subpoena to the Regional Board.
Petitioners’ motion is DENIED in all respects. However, at the hearing, the parties should be prepared to address whether the AR should be supplemented to include documents referenced in AR116 to the extent that they are not already part of the AR. The Court additionally notes that in the period the courts were shu........