Doe vs. Carl’s Jr.-Mission Viejo

Case No.: 30-2019-01053596    

Motion for OSC re: Contempt
Moving Party (MP): Plaintiff Jane VV Doe Responding Party (RP): Defendants OC Burger Boys, LLC and Brenda Cabrera
Ruling: Plaintiff’s Motion to Compel Attendance at Deposition and Sanctions is GRANTED. Within thirty (30) days, Defendant Brenda Cabrera is ordered to appear for deposition as noticed by Plaintiff’s attorney. To the extent possible, counsel shall meet and confer to coordinate the time and date of the deposition.
Within thirty (30) days, Defendants Brenda Cabrera and OC Burger Boys, LLC shall pay sanctions in the sum of $4,110.00.
OSC re: Contempt: Plaintiff’s Motion is labeled a Motion for Order to Show Cause re: Contempt. Since both sides have treated the Motion as a Motion to Compel Attendance under Code Civ. Proc., § 2025.450, the court will construe it in that manner. An OSC re: Contempt would require a different procedure, which would not yield different results. “A contempt proceeding is commenced by the f........