Rangel vs. Bassett Direct NC, LLC

Case No.: 30-2018-01040101    

Plaintiff Geneieve Rangel's Motion for Preliminary Approval of Class and Representative Action Settlement
Plaintiffs’ motion for preliminary approval of class action settlement is CONTINUED to February 19, 2021 at 9:00 a.m. in Department CX104 to permit the parties to respond to the following items of concern. Any supplemental briefing shall be filed on or before February 9, 2021. If a revised settlement agreement and/or class notice is submitted, a redline showing all changes, deletions and additions must be submitted as well. In addition, Plaintiff must provide proof of service of any revised settlement agreement and supporting papers on the LWDA. As to the Settlement: 1.
Are there any other actions pending—individual, class, or PAGA, whether in a court or in the pre-filing LWDA stage—that would be affected by this settlement? 2.
Please provide copies of any pre-filing letters filed with the LWDA. 3.
Per ¶ 32 n. 2 of the Crosner Declaration, there ar........