Garcia vs Emerald Landscape Services Inc.

Plaintiff Garcia’s Motion for Preliminary Approval of Class Settlement
The hearing on this motion is continued to 9/4/20 at 1:30 p.m. in Department CX101 so that plaintiff may address the issues identified below. It is not necessary for plaintiff to resubmit briefing which has already been filed with the Court. Supplemental declarations or other supplemental materials shall be filed on or before 8/25/20.
If a revised Stipulation and/or proposed Notice are submitted, a redlined version showing all changes, deletions, and additions must also be submitted electronically to the Court. Issues: 1. The court is not inclined to award an enhancement greater than $5,000 absent further explanation justifying more. 2. There is no explanation or calculation for the allocation of individual recoveries to 20% wages and 80% to interest and penalties. 3. The payment dates in the Stipulation for the settlement funds need to be updated, e.g., the first issuing date of 4/3/20 has alrea........