Hosseini vs. R&R Accounting and Tax Services

Case No.: 30-2018-01026373     Track Rulings In Case

Demurrer to Cross-Complaint
Tentative Ruling: Cross-Defendants, Fatemeh Hosseini and Masoud Ziaie’s Demurrer to Cross-Complainant, R&R Accounting & Tax Services, Inc.’s Cross-Complaint is OVERRULED in its entirety. Cross-Defendants to file an answer within 10 days of the date of this order.
First COA (Conversion): The Cross-Complaint alleges cross-complainant began using an online, GPS enabled time-recording system on or about 2-1-18, allowing employees, including cross-defendants, to clock in and out via an application on their individual smart phones, and recording the time employees clocked in and out as well as the employee’s physical location at the time he or she clocked in and out. (Cross-Complaint, ¶ 11.) The Cross-Complaint also alleges cross-complainant paid cross-defendant according to the hours and time each recorded in the time recording system, but cross-complainant discovered cross-defendants had falsified their daily time records in or about 2018, wh........