Stanton Utilities, Inc. vs. Pinner Construction Company, Inc.

Case No.: 30-2018-01024077-CU-BC-CJC    

Respondent Arch Insurance Company and Defendant Peter Apostolidis move the Court to (1) lift the stay entered in this action on 4/18/19 and hear this Motion; (2) determine that Defendant Pinner Construction Company, Inc. is a party to the arbitration ordered in Case No. 2018-1024077 on 4/18/19 and also a party to Pinner Construction, Co., Inc. v. Apostolides, Case No. 2019-01109923 with 3rd party Peter Apostolidis; (3) refuse to enforce the arbitration agreement and withdraw the order in Case No. 2018-1024077 compelling Arch Insurance Company to arbitrate; (4) order joinder of all parties in a single action by consolidating this action and with the Pinner Construction lawsuit, 2019-01109923; AND (5) staying or dismissing the arbitration in this case, pending in AAA before arbitrator Joseph Miller set for 3/2/20.
On 2/8/19, Plaintiff STANTON and Defendants PINNER and LIBERTY MUTUAL filed a Joint Stipulation to arbitrate their dispute based on an arbitration provision found ........