Hoang v. South Longspur Trust, etc., as Trustee

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Motion to Vacate Order/Correct Minute Order
The motion of defendant and cross-complainant Nulevel Partners, Inc., to vacate this court’s order of November 21, 2019, for dismissal of the complaint is DENIED.
The court notes the plaintiff filed a notice of appeal from the order. (See G058780.) As to the prevailing defendants (which is not this defendant), jurisdiction is vested exclusively in the Court of Appeal and this court may not amend, correct, or vacate that order as to those defendants until the remittitur has issued and been received by this court.
This defendant claims, however, that the scope of the order went beyond the request by the other defendants and improperly affected it. It appears the court has jurisdiction to address this issue as a collateral matter to the order appealed from.
The minute order reflects the order of the court, which was dismissal of the complaint as it pertained to the moving defendants.
Defendant Nulevel Par........