Khoury vs Delatorre

Motion 1: Compel Deposition (Oral or Written). Moving Party Defendant Aaron Delatorre. Responding Party Plaintiff Najib K. Khoury.
Motion 2: Ex Parte Application to Withdraw as Counsel or in the Alternative, Shorten Time for Plaintiff’s Counsel to be Heard on Motion to Withdraw as Counsel. Moving Party Law Offices of Carlin & Buchsbaum LLP. Responding Party Plaintiff Najib Khoury.
RULING MOTION 1: Defendant’s motion to compel Plaintiff’s attendance and testimony at deposition is GRANTED. Defendant’s request for sanctions is GRANTED in the amount of $1,232.50. Plaintiff Najib K. Khoury is ordered to pay sanctions to Defendant Aaron Delatorre within 30 days of service of the notice of ruling.
A revised deposition notice was served on Plaintiff which noticed Plaintiff’s deposition for November 16, 2018. The parties do not dispute that Plaintiff failed to appear at his deposition as scheduled. (Ferraris Decl., ¶¶ 3-6, Ex. B.) Defendant has also adequately demonst........