Green VS Kawalec

At trial in this liability-admitted automobile accident case, the jury found for plaintiff John Green and awarded $97,118.08 in damages against defendant, the estate of Robert Kawalec. Defendant moves for a new trial or, in the alternative. a remittitur of damages. The motion is denied.
Plaintiff’s motion is based on two grounds: (1) irregularity in the proceedings or error of law because the court denied defendant’s pretrial motion in limine to exclude any evidence of defendant’s post-accident flight from the scene, and (2) insufficiency of the evidence to support the amount of the damages award. Neither ground has merit.
There was no irregularity or error for admitting evidence of defendant’s flight
Before the trial, defendant moved to exclude defendant’s post-accident conduct that consisted of defendant exiting his vehicle and yelling at the plaintiff then getting into his car and driving away. Defendant based his motion on Evidence Code section ........