Southern California Edison Company vs Santa Ana RV Storage, L.P.

Case No.: 30-2017-00950784-CU-EI-CXC    

1)Plaintiff Southern California Edison Company's Motion for Order of Prejudgment Possession 2) Case Management Conference
As presented, the Court DENIES Plaintiff Southern California Edison’s (“Edison”) motion for an order for prejudgment possession of Defendant Santa Ana RV Storage, LP’s (“SARVS”) leasehold interest in a portion of 5.9 acres of property owned by Edison (the “Subject Property”). Preliminary Issues With respect to objections to the Ramser Declaration (ROA 45), the Court OVERRULES objection to ¶ 30 and SUSTAINS all other objections. The Court OVERRULES objections to the Fichter Declaration (ROA 51) and the Newman Declaration (ROA 79). The Court GRANTS Edison’s request for judicial notice. (ROA 46.) General Law Where, as here, a motion for prejudgment possession is opposed, the Court may grant the requested relief if it finds each of the following: (A) The plaintiff is entitled to take the property by eminent domain. (B) The plaintiff has deposited pursuant t........