Barnes vs. American Financial Network, Inc.

Case No.: 30-2017-00921175    

Plaintiff Mark Barnes' Motion for Preliminary Approval of Class Action Settlement, Conditional Certification, Approval of Class Notice, and Setting of Final Approval Hearing Date The Court has reviewed the supplemental briefing filed in response to the August 28, 2020 minute order.
The motion for preliminary approval of class action settlement is GRANTED as to the parties’ First Amended Stipulation of Resolution, attached to the Supplemental Han Declaration (ROA 174) as Exhibit 5. The Court also approves the notice attached to the Supplemental Han Declaration as Exhibit 4. The font size on the notice sent to class members may not be smaller than the font size on the example presented to the Court for approval. The Court’s preliminary approval is expressly conditioned on the testimony of AFN’s general counsel Andy Kalyviaris that there are no individual or class wage-and-hour actions that overlap with this matter. (ROA 175, ¶ 7.) The motion for final approval shall be heard........