Bajec v. Robicheaux 10:30 a.m.

Case No.: 30-2017-00896586    

Non-Parties (Susan Kang and Jennifer Kearns) Motion for Reconsideration of Court’s Orders Compelling Deposition Testimony (Motion), filed on 10-16-20 under ROA No. 411), is DENIED.
Code of Civil Procedure section 1008, subdivision (a) states: “When an application for an order has been made to a judge, or to a court, and refused in whole or in part, or granted, or granted conditionally, or on terms, any party affected by the order may, within 10 days after service upon the party of written notice of entry of the order and based upon new or different facts, circumstances, or law, make application to the same judge or court that made the order, to reconsider the matter and modify, amend, or revoke the prior order. The party making the application shall state by affidavit what application was made before, when and to what judge, what order or decisions were made, and what new or different facts, circumstances, or law are claimed to be shown.”
In re Marriage of Herr (200........