Rodriguez vs. Forsum

Case No.: 30-2016-00893794-CU-PA-CJC    

Defendants Sheila Forsum and Michael Forsum’s Motion to Contest Good Faith Settlement Determination is denied. Defendant Ana Pierre-Gomez’s Application for Determination is granted and the settlement is approved.
The settlement was made in good faith within the meaning of CCP §877.6 because it satisfied the weight of the factors set forth in Tech-Bilt, Inc. v. Woodward-Clyde & Associates (1985) 38 Cal. 3d 488, 499-500, and its progeny. The settlement was within the reasonable range of Pierre-Gomez’s proportional share of liability for plaintiff’s injuries, because it is unlikely that plaintiff would be able to hold Pierre-Gomez liable for her injuries. The only evidence of the incident, the police report, supports a finding that Molly Forsum caused the accident and that defendant Pierre-Gomez did not act negligently. In addition, there is no evidence of collusion, fraud or tortious conduct aimed to injure the contesting parties. Although moving parties request a continuanc........