Pars Publishing Corp vs. Ordway Corp

Case No.: 30-2015-00826325     Track Rulings In Case

(1) Motions to Compel Deposition (Oral or Written) (2) Motion to Compel Production (3) Motion to Compel Production (4) TSC
Tentative Ruling: (1) Motion to Compel Further Responses to Plaintiff’s PMK Deposition is taken off calendar. On 3-3-2020 this Court ordered the parties to further meet and confer and file a joint statement 9 court days prior to the hearing (See ROA 679). As of today’s date (7-6-2020), no joint statement has been filed. As such, the Court will take the matter (ROA 654) off calendar.
(2) Motion to Exclude Evidence, or, in the Alternative, to Compel Plaintiff’s Compliance with the Demand for Inspection of Documents is denied. The inspection demand appears untimely when made. (Code Civ. Proc., §§ 2031.030, subd. (c)(2), 2016.050, 1013, subd. (a).) Also, MP’s alternative motion is made pursuant to Code of Civil Procedure section 2031.300, but that section applies “If a party to whom a demand for inspection, copying, testing, or sampling is directed ........