Nature of Proceedings: Petition for Final Distribution Probate Notes: Appearances required. The following must be submitted: Proof of Service of Notice of Hearing (Form DE-120). Notice must be given 15 days prior to hearing, served on all known heirs and devisees, as well as on the Personal Representative (if not the petitioner) and special notice requestors. (Prob. Code, §§ 11601 & 1220.) Notice must be sent to the person, not the person’s representative. (§1220.) No such document was filed. Final Inventory and Appraisal – An estate cannot be closed without an Inventory and Appraisal marked as “final.” Despite an allegation in the petition otherwise, there is no Inventory and Appraisal on file. Once submitted, the Final I & A must comply with the following requirements: - Inventory and appraisal must be in a single document, and was filed within 4 months after letters are first issued. (Prob. Code, § 8800) - Contains certification that Change in Ownership Statement was filed with coun