MOTION TO BE RELIEVED BY COUNSEL FOR KOBI'S IS GRANTED. Ricardo Rozen of Raines Feldman LLP, attorney of record for Defendants Kobi’s Windows & Doors Manufacturing, Inc. and Jose Arias (“Defendants”), seeks to be relieved as counsel for Defendants asserting that the firm’s relationship with Defendants is in disrepair. Counsel asserts that Defendants do not respond to communications and the firm cannot adequately represent Defendants nor can counsel uphold his duties as an officer of the court. Counsel further asserts that due to Defendants’ refusal to communicate, the firm cannot respond adequately and appropriately to discovery nor can it properly defend Defendants.

Absent a showing of resulting prejudice, an attorney’s request for withdrawal should be granted. (People v. Prince (1968) 268 Cal.App.2d 398, 406.) The Court notes that trial is currently set for November 1, 2021, a little less than 7 months away. Accordingly, no prejudice will result in granting this motion.

Defendant K