SUBJECT: Motion to Quash Service of Summons

Moving Party: Defendant Yeza Papazian

Resp. Party: Plaintiff Jean Arslan

The motion to quash service of summons is DENIED.


On February 6, 2020, Plaintiff Jean Arslan commenced this unlawful detainer action against Yeza Papazian, regarding premises located at 2425 South Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90007.

On February 28, 2020, Defendant filed the instant motion to quash service of summons.


A. Legal Standard

The summons in an unlawful detainer complaint calls for a response in five days (Code Civ. Proc., § 1167), as opposed to the usual 30 days provided for in other civil cases (Code Civ. Proc., § 412.20). Code of Civil Procedure section 1167 provides, in relevant part, “The summons shall be in the form specified in [Code of Civil Procedure s]ection 412.20 except that when the defendant is ser........