Case No.: 20STCP00080     Track Rulings In Case

SUBJECT: Motion to Quash Service of Summons

Moving Party: Specially-Appearing Defendant Qingyun Jiang

Resp. Party: Plaintiff Yi Han

The motion to quash service of summons is GRANTED.


“In or about June 2015, Plaintiff Yi Han, defendant Mr. Qingyun Jiang a/k/a Tony Jiang, and Mr. Song Cao, entered into a general partnership to form a venture fund, to raise capital and to make investments in angel and venture stage technology companies. The partners agreed that the partnership would leverage Mr. Han’s experience in evaluating investment opportunities. The three partners worked together closely and raised capital. Using funds raised for the partnership, leveraging the partnership’s investment thesis Mr. Han developed and drafted, Mr. Jiang made several investments into early stage companies under the umbrella of the general partnership, consulting Mr. Han for due diligence. One or more of these investme........