MOTION TO INTERVENE The motion for leave to intervene is granted. CA CCP § 387(c) provides for filing a petition for leave to intervene by noticed motio or ex parte application. Moreover, proposed intervenor attached her proposed answer i intervention to the Declaration of Murray filed 4/19/21. Proposed intervenor, as a beneficiary, not a co-trustee of the Trust on the date of sale ha standing to intervene. “The equitable owner of real property may intervene in an action if th trustee, legal owner, refuses to defend his title or claims adverse to the beneficiary. (Kobernick v Shaw (1977) 70 Cal.App.3d 914, 919) According to Plaintiff’s opposition, Jeanne Reveal has been evading service of proces and to date has not been defending the claims. Therefore, her interest relating to the property o transaction is not being adequately represented by one or more of the existing parties. (CA CC § 387 (d)(1)(B)) 1 MOTION TO EXPUNGE LIS PENDENS A lis pendens will be expunged without a bond i........

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