Ally Financial Inc. v. Don Thomas Ferrigno, et al., 19STLC11222

Tentative decision on applications for writs of possession: granted

Plaintiff Ally Financial Inc. (“Ally”) seeks a writ of possession against Defendant Don Thomas Ferrigno aka Don T. Ferrigno aka Don Ferrigno to recover a 2016 Dodge Ram, VIN 1C6RR6GT6GS240854 (“Vehicle”).

The court has read and considered the moving papers[1] (no opposition was filed), and renders the following tentative decision.

A. Statement of the Case

1. Complaint

Plaintiff Ally commenced this proceeding on December 6, 2019, alleging causes of action for (1) claim and delivery of personal property, pre-trial writ of possession, and order directing transfer of personal property and restraining order and (2) money due on a contract. The Complaint alleges in pertinent part as follows.

Prior to the commencement of this action, pursuant to an assignment i........