Esther Nam v. Kawasaki, et al., 19STCV15691

Tentative decision on application for preliminary injunction: denied

Plaintiff Esther Nam (“Nam”) applies for a preliminary injunction against Defendants Scott Kawasaki (“Scott”), BQR Capital, LLC (“BQR”), Benjamin Bequer (“Bequer”), Vallily, LLC (“Valilly”), Steve Kawasaki (“Steve”), ECMU, LLC (“ECMU”), Eric Murata (“Murata”), Muskrat, LLC (“Muskrat”), and Fem Properties, LLC (“Fem”) enjoining them from proceeding with the scheduled trustee’s sale of subject real property located at 5470 Valley Boulevard, Los Angeles (the “Property”).

The court has read and considered the moving papers, oppositions,[1] and reply, and renders the following tentative decision.

A. Statement of the Case

1. Complaint

Plaintiff Nam commenced this proceeding on May 6, 2019, alleging causes of action for (1) cancellation of written instrument, (2) quiet title, (3) fraudulent co........