michael allen denny, Plaintiff, v. hoang ba nguyen, et al., Defendants.

Case No.: 19STCV15629

Hearing Date: February 10, 2020


motion to quash subpoenas


Plaintiff Michael Allen Denny (“Plaintiff”) filed this action against Defendants Hoang Nguyen and Tuuyen Nguyen (“Defendants”), asserting causes of action for motor vehicle and general negligence. Plaintiff alleges Defendants were pulling a trailer with jet skis, and a wheel flew off the trailer, causing him to skid and fall off his motorcycle at high speed. Plaintiff alleges injuries to his lower back, left knuckes, right elbow, right shoulder, and penis. Defendants served subpoenas seeking all medical records without limitation on: (1) Interinsurance Exchange of the Automobile Club; (2) University Medical Center of Southern Nevada; (3) Comprehensive Urology Medical Group; (4) Anthem Blue Cross; (5) West Hills Hosp........