Matter of Albert and Patricia Busse Trust

Case No.: 19PR00546    

Nature of Proceedings: Petition to Determine Beneficiaries and Distribution (updated 7/10/2020)

Appearances required. Any respondents must file a written objection before the hearing. The court has authority to require all objectors to file a written objection pursuant CRC, Rule 7.801, or else deem the failure to do so a waiver.

The following is noted for the court (Updated 7/10/2020):

The Petition filed by the Trustee of the Albert and Patricia Busse Trust places very simple questions before this Court:

1) Who are the beneficiaries of the trust?

2) What do the beneficiaries receive from the trust?

The answer to these two questions is simply stated, though not easily reached:

1) The beneficiaries to the Albert and Patricia Busse Trust are the Estate of Albert Busse and the Estate of Patricia Busse.

2) The Estate of Albert Busse receives Albert’s share of the Albert and ........