Estate of Jack P. Blakemore

Case No.: 19PR00177    

Nature of Proceedings: Petition for Final Distribution

The following must be submitted:

1) Notice to Franchise Tax Board. Notice MUST have been given to the Franchise Tax Board not later than 90 days after the date letters are first issued. (Prob. Code, § 9202, subd. (c)(1).) The Petition at paragraph 8c does not indicate notice was given.

2) Accounting or Waivers. Each person entitled to distribution from the estate may waive a final account by 1) filing a written waiver of account (Pob. Code, § 10954, subd. (a)(1)); OR by filing 2) proof of adequate provision for satisfaction in full of the person’s interest (Id., subd. (a)(2)). No waivers were filed.

The final account must be submitted, if not waived. (Prob. Code, § 10951.) The final account must contain all items listed in Probate Code section 1061:

- (1) The property on hand at the beginning of the period covered by the account, which shall be the value of........