Ault Chiropractic, LLP vs iCRco, Inc

Case No.: 19CV06083    

Nature of Proceedings: Vacate Entry of Sister State Judgment


For the reasons set forth herein, the motion of defendant iCRco, Inc., to vacate entry of sister state judgment is denied.


Dr. Robert Ault (Ault) is a licensed chiropractor since 2007 the owner/ operator of plaintiff Ault Chiropractic, LLC (Ault LLC or plaintiff). (Ault decl., ¶ 2.) Ault LLC operates at two locations, one in Portage County, Ohio, and one in Summit County, Ohio. (Ault decl., ¶ 4.) In the performance of its business, Ault LLC uses medical imaging machines such as the iDR Direct Radiography Devices (iDR) manufactured by defendant iCRco, Inc. (iCRco). (Ault decl., ¶ 5.)

In 2013, iCRco was contacted by a company in Ohio called Lupica Medical Systems (Lupica). (Neushul decl., ¶ 5.) Lupica was in the business of selling x-ray machines and wanted to purchase two imaging systems from iCRco for sale to a customer, ........