Courtney Crosby vs Spitzer Helocopter LLC et al

Nature of Proceedings: Transfer LA Action and Consolidate; Bifurcate Trial; Case Management Conference

TENTATIVE RULING: The motion for order transferring Los Angeles County Superior Court Case No. 19STCV10288 to the Santa Barbara County Superior Court for consolidation with this action is granted. In order to allow sufficient time to complete the transfer and consolidation of the two actions, the proceedings in this action are ordered stayed for thirty days. The motion for order bifurcating trial of the issue of liability from the issue of damages is denied.


Plaintiff Courtney Crosby brings this action for personal injuries sustained in a helicopter crash that occurred on May 5, 2017, in Santa Barbara, California. Plaintiff was a passenger in the helicopter and was taking a tour of Santa Barbara when the pilot began experiencing problems with the helicopter’s engine and the aircraft crashed, injuring plaintiff. Defendant Mich........