Janice Feldman et l. v. The Viking Corporation et al.

Nature of Proceedings: Motions to Compel

Janice Feldman, et al., v. The Viking Corporation, et al. (Judge Sterne)

Case No. 19CV01058

Hearing Date: June 8, 2020


(1) Motion of Defendant The Viking Corporation for Protective Order

(2) Motion of Plaintiffs to Compel Further Responses to Interrogatories

(3) Motion of Plaintiffs to Compel Further Responses to Request for Production of Documents

ATTORNEYS: For Plaintiffs Janice Feldman and 661 Park Lane LLC: Fred J. Knez, Andrew J. Knez, Matthew J. Knez, Knez Law Group, LLP

For Defendants The Viking Corporation, Viking Group, Inc., and Supply Network, Inc.: John W. McConnell, III, Kenton L. Robinson, Meyers McConnell Reisz Siderman


(1) The motion of defendant The Viking Corporation for a protective order is denied. The court grants the request of plaintiffs ........