Financial Credit Network, Inc. v. Dennis Aguirre

Case No.: 19CV00265    

Nature of Proceedings: Motion for Payment of Judgment by Installments

Defendant’s Motion for Payment of Judgment by Installments

Attorneys: Brett T. Abbott for Plaintiff; defendant in pro per

Ruling: DENIED

Background: This is a motion by defendant to allow him to pay the judgment against him in installments; entire judgment, entered on 3/5/19, is for $1,923.94; he wants to pay $107/month (judgment would be paid off in about 18 months); motion was timely served, and includes a financial statement.

The Court notes no opposition filed. But the Court is unsympathetic with defendant’s request. At the outset, the complaint was filed in 1/2019; he was served on 1/29/19; he never responded; his default was entered 3/5/19. There is “writ of execution” issued on 3/5/19, apparently at his work. The Court assumes that is the impetus for this motion being brought now. He testifies that he was recently promoted at work; ear........