Karen M. Riker, et al. v. David L. Hagan

Background/Procedural History.
The instant lawsuit is the fifth in a series of legal actions that began with a bankruptcy proceeding. In the bankruptcy proceeding, Attorney David L. Hagan represented Karen M. Riker and Thomas F. Riker (the Rikers). After their bankruptcy was discharged, the Rikers filed a lawsuit against Mr. Hagan in the San Luis Obispo Superior Court on August 4, 2014, alleging professional negligence. (See 14CV-0410, the 2014 Action.) The crux of the 2014 Action was that Mr. Hagan improperly advised the Rikers to waive their homestead exemption in their bankruptcy proceeding. When the Rikers failed to appear at the trial readiness conference in the 2014 Action, the case was dismissed with prejudice, and judgment was entered in Mr. Hagan’s favor on July 5, 2016.
On May 7, 2017, Mr. Hagan filed a lawsuit against the Rikers in United States District Court1 for the Central District of California claiming malicious prosecution (the Federal Action). The........