Hernandez v Rodriguez

Demurrer; Motion to Strike

Calendar: 03

Case No.: 19BBCV00178

Hearing Date: March 13, 2020

Action Filed: February 26, 2019

Trial Date: Not Set


Cross-Defendants Sotheby’s International Realty, Inc.; xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Defendants/Cross-Complainants Uhler Mortgage Solutions, Inc.; Donald U. Paulino


The instant action arises from the ownership of 8662 Norris Avenue, Sun Valley, CA 91352 (the “Property”) by Plaintiff Linda E. Hernandez (“Plaintiff”) and Defendant Gloria A. Rodriguez (“Rodriguez”) as joint tenants beginning with the purchase of the property on or about February 22, 2012. Plaintiff alleges that Rodriguez and Defendants Joshua M. Molina (“Molina”), John Enriquez (“Enriquez”), Ocean Bridge Capital (“OCB”), Uhler Mortgage Solutions, Inc. (“Uhler”), and Donald U. Paulino ........