The Court’s ruling on Defendants Terry Taylor and Yes Online, Inc. dba Dynamic Legal Recovery’s is as follows:


OVERRULED as to uncertainty;

OVERRULED as to the first, second, third, and seventh causes of action;

SUSTAINED with 20 days leave to amend as to the alter ego issue of Defendant Terry Taylor;

OVERRULED as to the fourth and fifth causes of action; and

SUSTAINED sixth causes of action without leave to amend;

Motion to Strike:

DENIED IN PART to the extent Defendants seek to strike allegations in the FAC that are neither damages nor relief sought;

DENIED IN PART as to Defendants’ request to strike Plaintiff’s request for restitution damages, pre- and post-judgment interests and punitive damages; and

GRANTED IN PART with 20 days leave to amend as to Plaintiff’s requests for attorney’s fees and statutory damages.