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On February 7, 2020, James R. Felton, Esq. and Jeremy Rothstein, Esq (collectively “Counsels”), filed the instant motions to be relieved as counsel for Defendants Louis Torrellas and Ambitious Productions, Inc. (jointly, “Clients”).

Counsels have filed a single form MC051 and MC-052 as to each Client and have lodged with the Court a copy of the proposed order on form MC-053 pursuant to CRC Rule 3.1362.

The MC-052 form states that Counsels served Clients via mail at Clients’ last known mailing address, which Counsel states they have confirmed as current within 30 days of the motion by mail with return receipt requested.

Counsels moves to be relieved based on a break down in the relationship between Counsels and Clients, rendering continued representation by Counsels ineffective, a........