The parties having appeared (CRC 7.952(a)), and the court having reviewed and heard the Petition to Approve Compromise of Disputed Claim of a Minor, filed on 8/22/19, the Court finds that the settlement is reasonable, and based thereon, approves the settlement.

The court has considered the Declaration of David S. Brown in support of the fee request. The court finds that on the current record, and in consideration of the factors set forth in Cal Rules of Court, Rule 7.955(b), a fee of 25% of the gross settlement is reasonable.

The court has considered the Guardian ad Litem’s request for $2,550 to reimburse her for time she took off from work and for two hours of “care” for 36 days that the Claimant was required to wear a walking boot. Declaration of Cindy Chapman, ¶¶ 5-7.

The court declines to permit the reimbursement of $2,550. Petitioner is permitted reimbursement for expe........