RE: Estrada v. Civic Financial Services, LLC, et al. (18PSCV00168)


Defendant Civic Financial Services, LLC’s DEMURRER TO PLAINTIFF’S FIRST


Responding Party: Plaintiff Jose Estrada

Tentative Ruling

Defendant Civic Financial Services, LLC’s demurrer to Plaintiff’s First Amended

Complaint is SUSTAINED. The court will hear from counsel for Plaintiff as to whether

leave to amend is requested, and as to which cause(s) of action, and will require an offer of

proof if so.


Plaintiff Jose Estrada (“Plaintiffs”) alleges that on or about December 6, 2016, Plaintiff entered into a mortgage loan with Defendant Civic Financial Services, LLC (“Civic”), which was secured by a trust deed on Plaintiff’s residential property located at 20909 Ambushers Street, Diamond Bar, CA........