Roxann Gracia v. Edmund Schumacher

TENTATIVE RULING: The notice of motion does not provide notice of the Court’s tentative ruling system as required by Local Rule 2.9. Moving party/counsel is directed to contact the opposing party forthwith and advise of Local Rule 2.9 and the Court’s tentative ruling procedure. Notwithstanding the procedures set forth in Local Rule 2.9, the moving party’s counsel shall appear at the hearing, in person or by CourtCall, unless it is confirmed that no party requests oral argument.
Defendant's Motion for Summary Judgment is unopposed and appears meritorious for the reasons set forth below. However, the Court notes that, pursuant to Local Rule 6.2, "the Trial Management Conference is deemed to be the commencement of trial for all purposes…." The January 3, 2020 hearing date on the motion is less than 30 days before the January 30, 2020 Trial Management Conference in the matter, in violation of Civil Procedure Code section 437c, sub........