Carl J. Goedinghaus v. Jed D. Hazeltine, et al.

Case No.: 18CV-0256    

On April 29, 1982, Carl H. Goedinghaus and Claire Goedinghaus (the “Settlors”) created the Carl H. Goedinghaus Family Trust (the “Trust”). Upon Carl’s death in September 1990, the Trust was subdivided into three subtrusts: Trust A-Marital Trust, Trust B-Family Trust, and Trust C- Exemption Trust. Pursuant to the terms of the Trust, and its amendments, Claire continued to serve as the sole trustee. Claire passed away in July 2012. Shortly before her death, she resigned as trustee, and two of the Settlors’ children, Marianne and Gail, became the successor trustees of all three subtrusts. The Settlors’ son, Peter, served as a third trustee for Trusts B and C.1
Disagreements between the siblings resulted in a trust proceeding (Case No. PR120218; the “Trust Action”), and the appointment of Diane Davies (“Davies”) as the court-appointed successor trustee for Trust A, and Jed Hazeltine (“Hazeltine”) as the court-appointed successor trustee for Trusts B and C.........