Case Number: 17STLC02876 Able Restoration v. Kevin Long


Plaintiff’s Motion for Attorney’s Fees and Costs



1. No motion for an award of costs is required. Judgment was entered in this matter on 9/6/2019. Plaintiff timely filed and served a Memorandum of Costs on Monday, 9/23/2019 in accordance with CRC (California Rules of Court) 3.1700(a)(1). No motion to strike or tax costs was filed and the time allowed for such motion under CRC 3.1700(b)(1) has expired. The Memorandum of Costs seeks trial and pretrial costs of $2,095.20. Plaintiff is entitled to those costs which shall be added to an Amended Judgment to be prepared and electronically filed with the court and served by mail on the Defendant within 5 days, or by 3/9/2020. Any objections to be electronically filed with the court and served on Plaintiff by 3/23/2020. Non-appearance OSC regarding review of and entry of Amended Judgm........