Defendant Hughes Markets, Inc. dba Ralphs’s Motion for Leave to File Cross-Complaint is GRANTED. The Cross-Complaint to be filed within twenty (20) days.

Legal Standard

CCP section 428.10 states in relevant part:

A party against whom a cause of action has been asserted in a complaint or cross-complaint may file a cross-complaint setting forth either or both of the following:

(a) Any cause of action he has against any of the parties who filed the complaint or cross-complaint against him. Nothing in this subdivision authorizes the filing of a cross-complaint against the plaintiff in an action commenced under Title 7 (commencing with Section 1230.010) of Part 3.

(b) Any cause of action he has against a person alleged to be liable thereon, whether or not such person is already a party to the action, if the cause of action asserted in his cross-complaint (1) arises out of the same transaction, occurren........