Plaintiff Carol King Chun Li’s (“Li”) Motion to Reclassify is GRANTED. This case will be transferred to a court of unlimited jurisdiction upon payment of the reclassification fee. Plaintiff is ordered to pay reclassification fee within twenty (20) days of this order. The case is set for an OSC re Payment of Reclassification Fee on April 20, 2018, at 8:30 a.m., in Department 77.

Legal Standard

CCP section 403.040 allows a plaintiff to file a motion for reclassification of an action within the time allowed for that party to amend the initial pleading. (CCP § 403.040(a).) If the motion is made after the time for the plaintiff to amend the pleading, the motion may only be granted if (1) the case is incorrectly classified; and (2) the plaintiff shows good cause for not seeking reclassification earlier. (CCP § 403.040(b).) In Walker v. Superior Court (1991) 53 Cal.3d 257, 262, the California Supreme Court held that a matter may be reclassified ........