Orr v. Traina, et al.

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Defendants Valerie Traina (“Valerie”) and Alexandra Orr (“Alexandra”) (collectively, “Defendants”) move for summary judgment, or in the alternative, summary judgment in their favor and against plaintiff William Orr (“William” or “Plaintiff”).

I. Factual and Procedural Background

This is an action for invasion of privacy, among other things, by Plaintiff against his ex- wife, Valerie, and his daughter, Alexandra.1 According to the allegations of the operative complaint (“Complaint”), on February 16, 2017, Plaintiff was admitted to the hospital in Santa Cruz after suffering a stroke, which left him unable to perform certain physical movements and for some time affected his verbal and mental acuity and abilities. (Complaint, ¶ 6.)

At the time of his stroke, William and Valerie were in the midst of a highly-contested marital dissolution action, with a community estate valued at over one million dollars. (Complaint, ¶ 8.) Upon being informed o........