Lease Anderson v. Lihong Han

Case No.: 17CV04689     Track Rulings In Case

Nature of Proceedings: Case Management Conference; Motion Strike Answer and Cross-Complaint; Strike the Intentional Tory Cross-Conmplaint

Lease Anderson v. Lihong Han, #17CV04689, Judge Sterne

Hearing Date: March 5, 2018


Motion to Strike Answer and Cross-Complaint

Motions of Demurrer and to Strike Intentional Tort Cross-Complaint


Plaintiff: self-represented

Defendant: self-represented

Tentative Ruling:

1. The court grants plaintiff Lease Anderson’s motion to strike defendant Lihong Han’s answer. Defendant Lihong Han shall file an amended answer on or before May 17, 2018, admitting or denying the allegations of the complaint. The answer must be verified. CCP § 446.

2. The court grants, in part, cross-defendant Lease Anderson’s motion to strike Lihong Han’s cross-complaint. The court orders the declaratory relie........