Perez et al. v. Trevino et al.

Case No.: 17CECG04413    

Application: By Plaintiffs for the entry of default judgment
Tentative Ruling:
To deny. Plaintiffs are advised to file and serve a Second Amended Complaint fully curing the defects set forth infra and complying with CCP § 872.010 et. seq. Explanation:
This action concerns property located at 536 E. Street, Fresno, California. On December 27, 2017, the Plaintiffs filed a verified Complaint against the named Defendants and “All Persons Unknown, Claiming Any Legal or Equitable Right, Title, Estate, Lien, or Interest in the Property Described in the Complaint Adverse to Plaintiffs Title Thereto” alleging a cause of action seeking to partition and a cause of action to quiet title. After filing the action, the Plaintiffs filed a dismissal without prejudice of the cause of action to quiet title. Then, they obtained a title report from Old Republic Title Co.
As a result, they filed a verified First Amended Complaint alleging a cause of action........