DeWayne Cassel v. Google LLC, et al.

This is an action under the Private Attorneys General Act (“PAGA”) and the Unfair Competition Law (“UCL”) arising from defendants Google LLC, Google Inc., and Alphabet, Inc.’s (collectively, “Google”) alleged practice of recruiting diverse candidates by misrepresenting the nature of the job they will perform if they are hired, along with its imposition of unlawful confidentiality agreements and other policies on employees.

Before the Court is plaintiff’s motion to lift the stay pending arbitration of the first, second, and eleventh causes of action. Google opposes plaintiff’s motion in large part, urging that the stay should be lifted for the limited purpose of finalizing the pleadings but should otherwise remain in place until certain conditions are satisfied.

I. Allegations of the Operative Complaint

According to the First Amended Complaint (“FAC”), plaintiff had a successful career with Caterpillar, Inc. in Illinois from 2006 until 201........