Defendant Tanasha Howard’s Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings is GRANTED WITHOUT LEAVE TO AMEND. CCP § 438.

Initially, the Court notes that Defendant’s Request for Judicial notice is granted. Judicial notice is taken of Defendant’s Exhibits A and B. Evidence Code § 452(d).

Insufficient facts are stated to support any cause of action for forcible entry and/or detainer. The premises at issue were returned to the landlord/owners on July 1, 2016. Defendant’s Exhibit B. As such, any lock-out that occurred was lawful. An allegation of forcible entry alone, unaccompanied by an allegation showing that the defendant detains possession of the premises so forcibly entered, will not warrant an action for forcible entry and detainer. Bell v. Haun (108) 9 Cal.App. 41, 43. Therefore, plaintiff cannot allege a cause of action for forcible entry and/or forcible detainer. Accordingly, the motion is granted without leave to amend.

Leave to amend must be a........