1. Respondent’s Motion to Strike and/or Tax Costs is denied. Respondent has failed to provide any support legal or otherwise as to why the objected costs are not allowable. The costs requested are permissible costs and the court has discretion to allow recovery. The court finds the requested costs are reasonable and were necessarily incurred in this action. Petitioner is awarded $84,132.39 in costs.
2. Petitioners’ Motion for Attorney Fees and Costs is granted. The fees incurred are reasonable and the hourly rate is commensurate with the hourly rate billed in this locale. Respondent did not challenge the reasonableness of the fees or the hourly rate, instead she chose to challenge the motion on what this court finds to be frivolous grounds. First, Respondent argues without any supporting authority, that a copy of a retainer agreement is required to support a motion for fees. Respondent’s reference to Business and Professions Code Section 6147 is misplaced and inapplicable. Second, Resp